Can I try ilmspired before I buy?

  • Absolutely. Through your PC or Mac on www.ilmspired.com, or on your tablet.
  • Download the ilmspired app to your tablet from the Google Play Store. Coming soon to the App Store.
  • You get to try 6 games, 7 ilmspirational biographies, 2 stories, 1 test and the dedicated Parents section for FREE.
  • If you like what you see, a one-off payment unlocks the whole app. Remember, each game is tied to a learning objective and collectively part of a holistic curriculum.

What is different about ilmspired?

  • With over 20 years of teaching experience, ilmspired’s founder searched in vain for a holistic Islamic Education syllabus that would make learning fun and relevant for children. So she created ilmspired: an interactive curriculum of Islamic Education with each game tied to a learning objective.
  • Inspire children through easy to read biographies of inspirational Muslims past and present, from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to Mo Salah.
  • Multiple choice tests designed to check your child’s progress.
  • Stories of the Prophets, with interactive definitions of challenging words.
  • Our Wall of Awesome will showcase children’s work (coming soon).

Who is ilmspired for?

  • Although based on a model for primary school children (aged 5-11), ilmspired is ideal for anyone who wants a fun way to brush up their basic knowledge, including teenagers. It’s also a great resource for new Muslims.

How do I get ilmspired unlocked?

  • Tap on the ‘lock’ sign on any of the games, biographies, stories or tests.
  • In the new window, make a one-off payment at the price displayed. It’s not a periodic subscription, so you don’t need to pay again, unless you want to buy new games in the future.
  • You will need to register your details if you haven’t done so already.

What do I get with the unlocked version?

  • You will get access to the full site which currently consists of 21 games.
  • 25 ilmspirational biographies.
  • 8 stories of the Prophets.
  • 9 tests.
  • A dedicated section for Parents.

Does ilmspired work on an iPhone??

  • ilmspired can be downloaded as an app on your iPhone or Android phone but because of the small screen size, we strongly recommend use on tablets, PC or Mac to maximise learning. Please note you cannot fully access ilmspired on your phone by typing in our website address. You will need to download the app or use a PC, laptop or Mac for the website version.

What if I change my phone or tablet?

  • No problem.
  • Just download the ilmspired app again.
  • Log in with your user name and password. The system will recognise you.
  • For iPad and iPhone, you can also:
  • Click on Restore Purchases in the Settings section (top left on home page).
  • Email info@ilmspired.com in case of any issues.

Can I share ilmspired across devices?

  • Yes, you can.
  • Once you have registered, just log in with your username and password and you should be able to access ilmspired across any of your tablets or PC. Of course, you will only get access to the full app functionality if you have the paid-for version.
  • For iPad and iPhone, you can also:
  • Click on Restore Purchases in the Settings section

What if I have paid and can’t access the content?

  • Paying gives you unlocked access only on the device on which you have paid. Please register on the same device to access the unlocked version from ALL your devices. Then just login with your user name and password.

Can I monitor progress for all of my children through one account?

  • We are working on functionality that will allow a parent to register up to 5 children under one account so that you can monitor their learning progress individually.

Will you be adding new content?

  • Yes, this is only the start. InshaAllah, ilmspired will encompass an entire syllabus for children aged 5-11. ilmspired can complement your existing Islamic Education arrangements or be used on its own.

Where do your stories come from?

  • All stories are based on Ibn Kathir and taken from the Quran and Hadith. Some events are from the Old Testament, where these do not contradict the Islamic teaching.

Can I use the app without an Internet connection?

  • Unfortunately not. Most of the categories need an internet connection to work effectively.

Why am I having issues with games, story definitions etc?

  • Oh no! Periodically we update the app to ensure there are no glitches. Try restarting the app or hard refresh your PC: CTRL + F5. On Mac, it’s
    + R. Or try clearing browsing history on your tablets. If there’s still a problem, don’t worry. Just send us an email at info@ilmspired.com and we’ll do our best to help.

Are there any technical requirements?

  • ilmspired will need a 64 bit processor and minimum 8GB RAM to work properly on your PC or laptop.
  • Windows 8 or 10.1
  • Android phones and tablets will need to have at least 2GB RAM. Software version 6.0 and above.
  • iOS software will need to be version 11 or above.
  • Supporting browsers include Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

So what’s your story?

  • ilmspired has been created by Sadia Irfan, a specialist in Islamic education and a primary school teacher for 20 years in the UK and UAE. She graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Modern History and completed her teaching qualification at the University of Surrey. A conviction that Islam balances the best of East and West led her to community volunteering, such as school presentations about Islam and mosque visits for schools. In 2007, Sadia became the first non-Arab teacher approved by the UAE’s government authority for education to teach Islamic Education. She despaired of the staid and rigid rote learning methodologies used to teach Islam to school children. So instead she designed an interactive new curriculum that was singled out by inspectors as a key strength in the only school in Dubai to be consistently rated as outstanding. Following her success in the classroom, Sadia’s vision was to reach a wider audience and bring Islamic Education into the 21st century through the power of technology. Islamic learning should be fun, relevant and inspirational. ilmspired is the realisation of that vision.
  • ilmspired is a family effort. Sadia’s daughters, Sana and Imaan, provide narration; her son, Sulaiman, is Executive in Charge of Testing. Her nieces, Safa and Huda, drew the illustrations, and hubby makes the tea and voices Salaambot (as well as manages the corporate side of things).