Guidelines for using ilmspired

Though the idea behind ilmspired is to make Islamic Education fun and interesting for children, it is primarily an educational website.
The Games section has three levels:

  • Level 1 is aimed at 5-7-year olds,
  • Level 2 for 7-9-year olds and
  • Level 3 for 9-11-year olds.

However, the levels are not prescriptive, as knowledge levels vary widely. A child can play any level game at any time. Eventually, we hope to cover an entire primary curriculum through interactive games.
Please note we do not teach Quran reading, Surah memorisation or tajweed. There are many excellent existing resources to teach these, including teachers on Skype and for memorisation of surahs.
Your child’s learning can be enhanced with your input. Each game has a learning objective which can also be found in the Parents section. They may want to get through all the games in a few days, or not read the explanation page, but they will not remember anything meaningful this way.

  • Focus on a couple of learning objectives a week.
  • Choose one or two games from the relevant level and encourage your child to play multiple times over a week, speed up their response times and build up Ajr reward points.
  • Check understanding through the relevant multiple choice test.

The games have a built-in element of assessment but where applicable, they can test their knowledge through a mini assessment which can be found in the Tests section. The scores will let you know whether they have mastered the learning objective. There is a traffic light system in addition to the score.

  • Red means they need to replay the games and retake the test before moving onto another topic or level.
  • Amber means that they should revisit the games and retest in a few days to see if they can do better.
  • A green light means that the learning objective has been achieved.

Also, in the Parents section, please see the level expectations which lists what children should know by the end of each level. If you are doing a mini test with younger children, we recommend you ask the questions orally and help them through it.
In Ilmspirational, children can read about high achieving Muslims, past and present, in one easy to access place. They can click on a star to see a short biography. They can also search for individuals or through colour coded categories (athletes, historical figures, scientists etc). The bank of biographies will be expanded as more games are added. Reading about Muslims who are positive role models can inspire older children as well InshaAllah.
Stories can be read or listened to. Children can click on the highlighted words to get more information or learn the meaning of challenging words.
The Wall of Awesome will give the chance to children to have their work on the wall – whether it is a drawing, a poem or a poster. Sometimes, we will ask children to work to a theme. Please scan and email work to We hope that you find ilmspired a useful, fun and productive resource for your children. Please let us have your feedback or report any issues to